Woman delivers baby at Brevard County gas station

Doctor was filling up at gas station when man flagged him down

MERRITT ISLAND, Fla. – A baby was born at a Brevard County gas station. Needless to say, the mother went into labor early and she picked the right place to stop.

"I'm an Ob-Gyn, what are the odds?" Dr. Javiar Soto said.

It was a lucky coincidence for a family. Soto was filling up at a Merritt Island gas station when a man flagged him down saying his pregnant wife was going into labor.

"I was just pumping gas over here and this guy asked, 'Hey, are you a professional?'
and I was like, 'Sure, what's going on?' She's crowning. I just happen to be an Ob-Gyn," Soto said.

That's when he ran over to help. He not only helped, but witnesses say he delivered the baby in the back seat of their truck right in the parking lot.

"It was kind of a godsend kind of thing," he said.

Emergency crews weren't far behind. They loaded the new mother and her newborn baby into the ambulance and rushed them off to the hospital.

Soto said he was on his way to work to deliver another baby. The one at the gas station, he said, was just one more than he expected.

"It's just what I do on a daily basis, you know. It just doesn't happen to be in a gas station," Soto said.