FBI using nearly vacant Satellite Beach neighborhood​​ for training

Satellite Shores off A1A is 99 percent vacant

SATELLITE BEACH, Fla. – Given its location in a sleepy beach town and the fence that surrounds all of the property, police and federal agents even, thought they found the perfect place for training. There is just one issue.

Satellite Shores off A1A is 99 percent -- not 100 percent -- vacant.

"I mean, I don't know what they're trying to do," Anita Hanlon told News 6 Wednesday. "Scare us off, I guess. They want us out of here."

Anita Hanlon and her husband, Denis Hanlon, live in the one house of 100 not deserted, since last year when a new developer told all renters to move out by Halloween.

The Hanlons have a 12-month lease ending before the end of the month. Then, they'll move.

In the meantime, Satellite Beach police confirmed Wednesday the FBI is holding a private training session in the old neighborhood originally built for the Air Force.

Police said the Hanlons and 200 other nearby residents and businesses were alerted about the training since November.

But Denis and Anita Hanlon said they weren't expecting to be this close to the action.

"All of these horrible blasts. I think I was going to have a heart attack they were so loud," Anita Hanlon said of training Tuesday. "All afternoon, about 20 of them went off."

The Hanlons said the explosions blew out the windows of the house next door.

Police said Denis and Anita Hanlon have strayed a couple of times into the restricted training area and risk being arrested for trespassing.

"I'd like to see them move further away and do their job," Anita Hanlon said.

"It's looked like to me like an ideal place for the police to train," nearby resident Dan Harper told News 6.

"It's going to be demo'd anyways, so if there ever was a good place to kick a door in, this would be it," Harper said.

The new developer intends to rebuild Satellite Shores into a higher-end community with $1,000,000 homes.

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