Beachgoers warned about dangerous sea creatures

Several people report getting stung in Brevard, Volusia counties

ORLANDO, Fla. – Lifeguards have issued a warning to beachgoers in Brevard and Volusia counties. 

Beach rescue officials are asking swimmers to look out for potentially pain-inflicting sea life. 

Portuguese man o' war and blue dragon sea slugs have been washing ashore, prompting ocean rescue officials to fly the purple flag. 

Man-of-war, known for their intense, painful stings and venomous tentacles, are not jellyfish but actually siphonophores, which are made up of several different organisms sharing a communal purpose, News 6 partner Florida Today reported. They typically bob up along the surface of the water before washing up on the shoreline.

Man-of-war warnings were posted at some north county beaches Saturday, Witcher said. There were reports of stings as far south as the Sebastian River State Park. 

Several people have reported getting stung by the sea creatures. 

Lifeguards are telling swimmers to avoid touching the sea life. 

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