Students, parents voice safety concerns at Windermere High School

Event put on by group of mothers who said they are calling for change

ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. – The cafeteria of Windermere High School was filled Thursday evening as students and parents addressed safety concerns.

The event was put on by a group of mothers who said they are calling for change.

Students took the microphone during the session to voice their concerns.

"Not necessarily does everything feel secured to the point where it's enforced," a student said. "When we come into the school, we kind of flash an ID as we keep going, so maybe scanning IDs or maybe thinking of ways to increase that security."

Moments after the students were finished speaking, an emergency alarm went off at the school, ordering everyone outside of the building.

While outside, parents used a speaker and microphone to continue calling for changes in security.

"Bulletproof doors. Panic buttons, for the teachers that don't go to the secretary. They go to the sheriff's department," a parent said.

A group of parents at Thursday's meeting said next week they plan to travel to Tallahassee to speak with their elected officials.

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