Disney World guest proposes to Minnie -- right in front of Mickey

Needless to say, Mickey was not pleased


ORLANDO, Fla. – Walt Disney World is often the backdrop for extravagant proposals, but in most instances, the fiancee-to-be isn't already betrothed.

That's exactly what happened Sunday when a theme park visitor, who goes by @jhnnyjn on social media, got down on one knee and proposed to none other than Minnie Mouse herself.

Video of the romantic overture, posted on Twitter by @NairobySandoval, shows a young man donning mouse ears popping the question at Epcot Character Spot. Minnie, at first, looks all too pleased as she beams at the crowd and embraces her suitor.

Her demeanor changes suddenly when she realizes that her longtime lover Mickey Mouse is among the spectators.

She starts pointing frantically then distances herself from her would-be beau. The camera pans to Mickey, he's unflinching as he stares down the new romantic rival.

"Oh Mickey, I'm sorry," the man says, probably hoping to not feel the rodent's wrath.

Mickey spares the man, but issues a stern warning before turning his tail on Minnie's admirer.

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