Central Florida couple raises awareness about animal adoption

Cristian Rubén Animal Rescue Project highlights adoption stories

ORLANDO, Fla. – A couple in Central Florida are on a mission and they hope to get the word out about their project to all 50 states within a year.

It's called the Cristian Rubén Animal Rescue Project and they're casting light on the many unique and positive stories of those who have welcomed animals into their hearts and homes. 

"The idea is to get people to watch the rescue stories and to get inspired," said Ariana Rubén, co-founder of the animal rescue project.

It's an idea that spiraled into unique storytelling about families and people who've adopted and rescued animals.

"We started photographing shelters and then we expanded and said, 'Why are we not photographing people that are adopting animals,'" said Cristian Rubén, founder of the project.

The couple's love for animals led them to create the Cristian Rubén Animal Rescue Project. Through short videos and photography, they are displaying the stories of people coming together to rescue all types of animals. 

"We never hear the family story (of people) who have rescued animals, so I think that that gives the animals a platform that they're typically not given," Ariana Rubén said.

Their goal is to showcase stories in every state. So far, they covered Connecticut, New York, New Jersey and Florida. Next stop: South Carolina, Georgia and Alabama.

"With donations, which is what we basically work off of, we can go ahead and venture off to each state and cover a rescue story per state," Ariana Rubén said.

The couple moved to Central Florida a few months ago. Since then, they've produced several rescue stories in the state, one of them with the Redland Rock Pit Abandoned Dogs, an organization that rescues dogs that are dumped in a secluded area of South Florida.

In Orlando, they showcased the story about a man who has rescued parrots. He's regularly seen on International Drive with the birds. 

"We are the Orlando Bird Man Rescue. All the birds are from people that didn't want them or couldn't take care of them," said Héctor López, the man who rides around on his bike with the rescued birds.

Ariana and Cristian Rubén hope their animal rescue project will also bring relief to animals that are waiting in a county shelter for a new home.

"A lot of times, people don't even realize that a lot of these animals that are in shelters are already vetted, a lot of them are house trained," Ariana Rubén said.

They also want to bring awareness about animal rescue to children.

"The little people, educate and inspire them so by the time they're adults, they can do something about it," Cristian Rubén said.

Each story connects people to resources of where they can adopt a rescued animal or learn how they can help the animal rescue community. 

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