Critics call Satellite Beach crosswalks danger to drivers, pedestrians

City says FDOT will install flashing lights within four months

SATELLITE BEACH, Fla. – Tom Moss walked across Florida State Road A1A at Magellan Avenue on Monday while wearing a body camera, to show his dangerous walk home from the beach. Even with stop signs that give walkers the right of way, Moss recorded multiple drivers who never slowed down.

"You've got to be really careful when you cross," Moss said. "I feel for the drivers because I think people think it's safe because they're supposed to stop but drivers can't see you," he said.

Moss said the signs at the crosswalk obstruct the drivers' view.

Driver Dawn Harrell said the road is twice as dangerous at night. She's also worried about what could happen if one driver stops for a pedestrian but the next driver does not.

"My worst fear is a family being hurt," Harrell said. "I've already been confronted a few times with having to make a decision to stop or not, and it is frightening," she said.

The six crosswalks between Grant Avenue and Volunteer Way are part of a $10 million upgrade to S.R. A1A by the Florida Department of Transportation. The city of Satellite Beach told the public lights will be added.

City Manager Courtney Barker said Monday, "Since we have a higher speed limit in our city, we argued successfully with the FDOT to put in the rapid flashing beacon lights."

Those are expected in the next four months. That's too long of a wait for some, but Dorothy Sanders said she does not see a safety issue.

"It's like any other place on the road. You have to pay attention," Sanders said.

Those who disagree offered ideas to get results.

"Make it like a regular crosswalk without making drivers stop," Moss said. "That way, I think people will realize you have to wait for the traffic to clear before you cross," he said.

Harrell suggested lowering the speed limit and closing the crosswalks until the lights are put in.

"Let's get that speed limit down to 35 (mph), keep our people safe," she said.

The speed limit is 45 mph. City officials said no one has been hurt in any of the crosswalks since they were installed.

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