Walk on wild side: Monster gator caught on camera in The Villages

'It didn't look like a regular gator'

THE VILLAGES, Fla. – It was just a normal day of golf Saturday in The Villages until a monster alligator was caught on camera, taking a leisurely walk.

Marc Scher and his son, Jacob, were out playing golf when they came upon the gator. 

"He became enormous," Marc Scher said. "All I could think of was that I was looking at a prehistoric monster. It didn't look like a regular gator."

When describing encounter, Marc Scher said he could feel the hair on his arms standing up. 

Commenters on The Villages Talk Facebook group speculated that the monstrous reptile was Larry, a large gator known to hang out in the area. Larry is a local celebrity in The Villages with his own Facebook page.

Want to catch your own glimpse of Larry? He's known to live in the pond off County Road 44-A and Shady Nook Run in Brownwood, just be sure to keep a safe distance.

For tips about how to stay safe in areas known to have alligators, click here.

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