Florida woman accused of pointing gun at victim after she wouldn't turn right at red light

The alleged incident happened on Interstate 95 in Titusville

BREVARD COUNTY, Fla. – A 51-year-old Cocoa woman is accused of pointing a gun at another woman after the victim would not turn right at a red light, according to an arrest report from the Brevard County Sheriff’s Office.

Penny Herndon was charged with two counts of aggravated assault.

On March 2, the victim was driving west on Highway 50 in Titusville and stopped at a red light.

The victim was going to merge onto Interstate 95, according to the arrest report.

The woman told investigators she saw a black van stop behind her.

The driver of the van started to honk the horn despite the light still being red, according to the report.

The arrest report shows the victim was unable to merge onto Interstate 95.

The light eventually turned green and both drivers moved onto the on-ramp of the interstate.

The driver of the black van followed closely behind the victim, according to the report.

Investigators said the victim told the sheriff’s office she changed lanes to allow the black van to pass her.

The black van passed her and changed lanes to get in front of her, according to the report.

The report shows the victim had to hit the brakes so she would not hit the van.

The victim said the driver of the van changed lanes to be parallel with her.

The sheriff’s office said the victim told investigators the suspect held a gun and pointed it at the victim’s car.

This caused the victim to hit her brakes and the van drove away.

The victim told investigators the gun looked like a semiautomatic type pistol with a silver or gray barrel and black handle grip.

The man sitting in the passenger seat confirmed her story to investigators.

The victim was able to give the sheriff’s office the license plate description.

The car was registered to Jerry True.

True told investigators his stepdaughter Penny Herndon was driving the van earlier.

Investigators later met with Herndon about the victim’s accusation.

Deputies said Herndon told investigators she was involved in a road rage incident, but she denied having a handgun or owning any guns.

She did tell investigators she owns a couple of pellet guns, according to the arrest report.

True told investigators his stepdaughter keeps a silver pellet gun in the van and uses it to chase raccoons away from her cats, according to the arrest report. 

The victim was able to identify Herndon as the person who pointed the gun at her during a photo lineup.