Man accused of killing family wants millionaire to bail him out

Grant Amato offers to exchange rights to story for bond money

SEMINOLE COUNTY, Fla. – A man accused of killing his mother, father and brother at their Chuluota home is hoping a millionaire will provide the money to bail him out of jail.

Grant Amato, 29, is facing three counts of premeditated murder in the Jan. 27 slayings.

Within the last few months, Amato has asked a Seminole County judge to let him out of jail on bond while he awaits trial.

In April, he was granted a $750,000 bond but has not been able to post it. Through recent letters he's written, Amato has described about his "depressing" life in jail.

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He's also tried to trade exclusive interviews to reporters in exchange for money to post his bond. None accepted his offer.

In an email Amato sent to a New York journalist Saturday, he wrote:

"I am still looking to try and procure the funds or post it by collateral but it seems to be rather difficult when you don't have the contacts outside." 

Amato said the judge was "fair" and "understanding."

Toward the end of the email, Amato added: "I would like to talk with you this way. If you happen to know any millionaires who would like to post my bond, I'd be eternally grateful and I'd give exclusive rights to you for my story."

Also in the email, Amato wrote about a trip he took to Japan with his late brother Cody and the passion the two shared for anime. 

A judge requested Amato have no access to computers or the internet and no witnesses if he is freed on bail. 

He's also required to wear a monitoring device. 

Amato has pleaded not guilty and denies killing his family members. 

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