Prosecutors release interview with Orlando woman accused of stabbing daughter to death

She has been charged with second-degree murder

ORLANDO, Fla. – Prosecutors have released an interview investigators had with an Orlando woman who is accused of stabbing her daughter to death.

Rosa Alcides Rivera is facing second-degree murder charges in the death of her daughter, Aleyda.

Investigators said Rivera thought her 11-year-old daughter was having sex with men.

She is accused of stabbing her daughter 15 times in a car on March 10, according to investigators. 

Rivera is accused of driving Aleyda around before going to the hospital, and by that point, the child was dead.

The suspect had cuts near her wrist and was taken to a hospital, where she was cleared medically, officials said.

Documents released by the State Attorney’s Office show Rivera told officers at first, someone else stabbed her daughter.

“He was stabbing her with my pocket knife that I have to defend myself just in case. She is on the passenger seat so I took her to the hospital and I just had to try and kill myself,” Rivera told investigators.

Orange County deputies said the the incident started after Rivera accused her mom's boyfriend of having sex with her daughter.

Witnesses told investigators the victim denied having sex with him, according to the arrest affidavit.

According to court documents obtained by News 6, family members told investigators Rivera was acting violently in the weeks leading up to her daughter's murder.

Body worn camera footage captured one family member telling a deputy Rivera assaulted her.

"I don't know. She asked me to watch her daughter. I was like OK what's wrong? And she ran up and started hitting me," the woman said.

Photos obtained by News 6 show what appears to be a photograph of Rivera's daughter sitting above the steering wheel of her car as she brought her body to the hospital.

The Orange County Sheriff's Office said there no validity to the suspect's claim of her daughter being sexually active.

Rivera is being held at the Orange County jail. She is also accused of punching an officer in the face in her cell, according to Orange County officials.

Her next court hearing is scheduled for July with a possible trial date set in August.

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