6-year-old Orlando boy is the world's cutest space expert

Jerry Morrison III tested News 6 on the different types of black holes

ORLANDO, Fla. – A 6-year-old Orlando boy is undoubtedly the cutest space expert in the world. On Wednesday, we got the pleasure of having him at the News 6 studio. 

Jerry Morrison III talked to some of our anchors about his space knowledge, his girlfriend Brianna and starting first grade. 

Jerry's mother said his love for space started with a song about planets. His favorite is Kepler-452b, which is outside our solar system. The future astronaut hopes to go there someday. 

After confirming what the smallest planet is, Jerry provided other fun facts about Mercury. 

"You know what's super cool about it? It has no atmosphere so asteroids crash into it," he said. 

Jerry also wants to follow the footsteps of one of his favorite astronauts, Buzz Aldrin.

"My space dream is to walk on the moon -- jump on it so I can go very high," he said. 

Anchor Bridgett Ellison wasn't prepared when Jerry asked her, Julie Broughton and Candace Campos what the four types of black holes are. She asked if she could Google the answer.

"The answer is stellar black holes, supermassive black holes, intermediate black holes and miniature black holes," he said. 

Jerry also whispered a secret in Broughton's ear, and she asked if she could say it out loud.

"You have a girlfriend, but your mom won't let you have one," Broughton said. 

Jerry nodded his head yes and confirmed that things are going well with Brianna. He gave a literal shoutout to her. 

When Jerry isn't sharing space facts on his Instagram and Twitter as JR Spaceman, he enjoys playing with wires and circuits in his spare time.

To see Jerry's full appearance on News 6 at Nine, watch the video above.