Here's what Uber, Lyft drivers need to know about their lights

Trooper Steve answers viewer questions

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Simon, of Melbourne, asked if the lights ride-sharing drivers put on their dashboard are legal.

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"When it comes to placing any additional lighting on your car, you have to be really careful to make sure you’re not breaking any laws already on the books," Montiero said.

Florida is pretty clear as to what lights and what colors are authorized on a vehicle when on a public road.

According to Trooper Steve, Simon was referring to the lights Uber and Lyft drivers have started to place on the dashboard of their cars, indicating they work for a certain ride-sharing company.

"These lights range in all sorts of colors and display shapes," Montiero said. "Why the issue? Well, when you have a steady blue light on your car or other colors not authorized, you’re subjecting yourself to being pulled over and could be distracting other drivers."

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Trooper Steve says he understands the need for the lights, but recommends drivers use them in compliance with Florida law.

"Now look, I know why drivers are doing this and I support safety in all forms. However, we need to do this lawfully. The only way I could find middle ground on this is using it only for pickup and drop-off. This lets the customer know you’re there for them, but also prevents you from getting pulled over while driving around," Montiero said.

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