Melbourne police use stop sticks to catch fleeing DUI suspect

20-year-old suspect traveling at 100 mph, police say

MELBOURNE, Fla. – Melbourne police said they had to use stop sticks Tuesday to stop a fleeing DUI suspect traveling at speeds around 100 mph, according to an arrest report.

Melbourne police said an officer near Parkway Drive and Harbor City Boulevard saw Caleb Reed, 20, of Rockledge, driving a Ford four-door sedan at speeds estimated up to 85 mph.

The officer attempted to make a traffic stop but was unable to catch up to Reed, according to the report.

Reed was driving across all lanes of traffic and cutting off other vehicles, police said.

Two other officers continued to follow Reed with their lights and sirens on. During the pursuit officers said Reed ran a red light at Strawbridge Avenue and was driving at speeds near 100 mph.

Officers deployed stop sticks to stop Reed on Harbor City Boulevard and Creel Street, according to the report.

Police said while Reed was sitting in the back of a patrol car he told officers he saw the first patrol car and didn't want a ticket so he didn't stop.

Officers conducted a field sobriety test and said Reed had trouble balancing and difficulty following instructions, according to the report. A urine test was taken and submitted to a lab for further testing.

Reed is charged with fleeing and eluding with disregard for public safety, reckless driving and DUI.