Veteran walks 3,000 miles to Disney to raise awareness to PTSD and suicide

He's on his 9th pair of shoes

ORLANDO, Fla. – Retired Army veteran Jimmy Novak successfully completed a mission using his feet to raise awareness to PTSD and suicide among veterans. 

Novak began his journey to walk 3,000 miles from Washington state to Disney in March.

"I've been basically melting in my clothes since the beginning of July," Novak said. "I am on my ninth pair of shoes right now."

The father of three said he embarked on the cross-country walk to draw attention to the plight of veterans. A battle he knows all too well.

"I'm an anxious depressive, I do not have a post-traumatic stress diagnosis of my own," Novak said.

New 6 caught up with Novak just before he made it to Disney. He said his path of travel has not been a straight or easy journey.

"The most challenging state was Arkansas it was just starting to get hot for the summer," Novak said.

Novak said when it comes to standing up for a good cause he is willing to put his words into action until the very end.

"When I first started out the day I left, I was having the worst case of nerves because 3,000 miles is very intimidating," Novak said. 

"But I believed that it could be done and I believed I could do it."

Novak finished his walk two days before he anticipated. He plans to celebrate the walk on Aug. 22 which happens to be his 43rd birthday. 

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