Transformer moved to safe height above water in Gotha

Duke Energy will continue to monitor situation

ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. – Homeowners who live along Lake Nally Woods Drive in Gotha have a new problem on their hands. 

On Wednesday, Stacey DeHart said she noticed her power switching on and off and became concerned a transformer that supplies power to her and her neighbors was the problem. 

After talking to some neighbors DeHart decided to call Duke Energy. 

"They came out immediately and just took ahold of everything and said it's a highly hazardous situation and we have electricity in water," DeHart said.

The Gotha mother said the transformer in question has been buried behind brush and submerged underwater for roughly a year.

DeHart said it slowly sank with the rest of their neighborhood and has devastated her neighbor Mery Fernandez who abandoned, her home in July when it went under.

"With the power going out it's done, it's done. Its like watching the Titanic just sink and it's heartbreaking," Fernandez said.

On Oct. 14 Duke Energy issued this statement to News 6:

Right now the transformer has been moved to a safe height above the water.

However, we’ll continue to monitor and if the situation changes and requires further attention, we would go ahead and make those adjustments to ensure the safety of our customers.

Fernandez said it has been a nightmare trying to resolve the watery mess. She hopes Orange County leaders will do something about it.

"I was there at the inauguration for Jerry Demings. I was there for the inauguration of other commissioners who took the oath of office to be there for the community, and to protect the community. 
When I went to the commissioner's board meeting, I was there for another reason that day, cause I want to see them in action," Fernandez said.

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