Carnival cruise ships collide in Cozumel

Carnival Cruise Line says both ships should be able to continue sailing

COZUMEL – A Carnival Cruise Line ship named Carnival Glory collided with the Carnival Legend Friday, then narrowly missed a Royal Caribbean ship.

The crash happened Friday afternoon in Cozumel as the Glory was maneuvering to dock. During the ship’s docking, it struck the Legend.

Passengers aboard a nearby Royal Caribbean ship watched in shock as the stern of the Carnival Glory drifted into the pointed bow of the Carnival Legend.

The bow easily slices into the Carnival Glory and mangles the ship’s deck as it continues to move forward, the video shows.

Matthew Bruin posted a video on his Twitter account showing the moment the two ships crashed.

“He’s going to hit us!” says someone in the video.

The video shows the ocean liner’s front end tearing through windows and casing debris to fall into the water.

“Carnival Glory just crashed into Carnival Legend and almost crashed into Oasis of the Seas at the Cozumel cruise port,” Bruin said on the video.

Warning the video below contains explicit language.

“We are assessing the damage to both ships,” the cruise line said on Twitter.

Six guests aboard the Carnival Glory were reported injured, one injury occurring during an evacuation.

“The injury occurred when a group of guests were being evacuated from the dining room on Decks 3 and 4,” the cruise line said.

Carnival Cruise Line said both ships should be able to continue sailing.

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