Cellphones capture aggressive road rage crash in LA


LOS ANGELES – The internet is buzzing over videos that show an aggressive road rage crash in California.

Police said the driver, who went after another driver Monday night with his vehicle, is now facing charges.

"He was really crushing the truck with so much power,” witness Alyona Suvvotima said.

Alyona Suvvotima was working when she witnessed the road rage situation in North Hollywood just a few yards away from her.

"The truck was right by the bus stop. I was thinking, ‘Somebody is going to die for sure,’" Suvvotima said.

Video released by LAPD that has since gone viral shows a white BMW crashing into a truck multiple times.

As the truck’s driver tries to get away, it’s slammed once again.

At one point, the vehicles do get so close to the bus stop that you see people run.

Suvvotima captured what happened once the cars came to a stop.

"The driver of the white BMW came outside and he started to argue. And he was acting really mad. And it was shocking,” Suvvotima said.

Police identified the driver of the BMW as 27-year-old David Zulalyan. He’s facing possible assault with a deadly weapon charges -- the weapon being his car.

Police haven’t said what prompted such a dangerous reaction from the driver, but a woman who witnessed the situation said the driver of the truck had initially hit the BMW and tried to get away.

"The car crash happens, but you wouldn't act this way. And he acted really aggressively. The normal person wouldn't act like that,” Suvvotima said.

Others who witnessed the situation were praising the truck driver’s actions, saying the driver never got out of their vehicle.

The suspect was arrested and released from jail after posting a $30,000 bond.