Cows won’t moo-ve out of this Florida neighborhood

Herd causing damage to neighborhood since 2019

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – A Florida man had an interesting start to his day when he woke up and saw random cows in his neighborhood.

But he doesn’t know who the cows belong to, according to Action News Jax.

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“I woke up and saw cows,” Daniel Bell said. “Did you think, oh, you know, that’s gonna go away? You think, you hope, but nope.”

Turns out, there’s more than just cows stopping by the neighborhood for a visit. There’s also goats, donkeys and sheep, according to Bell.

These cows have been taking over this Jacksonville neighborhood since 2019. They’re pretty quiet as you can tell, but the problem is they eat everything in sight.

Though Bell doesn’t mind seeing them, he’s not “a-moos-ed” by the damage.

“Eating bushes, all the bushes,” Bell said. “$10 a plant, who knows, it could end up costing you several hundred dollars to get it fixed.”

The Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office told Action News Jax, they’re working with the owner to secure their property, so this doesn’t happen again.

Bell just wants someone to take responsibility. “Come get your cows. That’s it, come get your cows,” Bell said.

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