Cocoa police search for man in Family Dollar robbery

Police: Suspect same person in multiple robberies

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COCOA, Fla. - Police are on the lookout for a man who walked into a Family Dollar and forced a clerk to give him money at gunpoint.

It happened around 10:00 p.m. Wednesday night at the Family Dollar on Clearlake Road in Cocoa.

The suspect entered the store and shopped around for a few minutes, eventually making his way to the check out line. The crook then made sure the store was empty before flashing his gun and demanding money from the cashier.

"He did not, at anytime, try to conceal his face. This is very worrisome for us, he doesn't care," said Officer Barbara Matthews with Cocoa Police.

After grabbing the cash, the suspect left the store, then an employee grabbed a phone and immediately called 911.

Once police arrived they did a K-9 track, but couldn't locate the suspect.

Matthews said, "A lot of times the K-9 will track to the spot where somebody either got on a bike, or car, or anything. We need that little bit of information, we need to know how he's getting around."

Police said this thief is the same guy who robbed a Motel 6, Boost Mobile, and 7-11, all in the past two weeks, and having an armed robber on the loose leaves Cocoa residents like Maria Hernandez on edge.

"It is really scary, especially when they send kids at night to come to the store. It's just really scary," said Hernandez.

Police are saying the suspect is armed and dangerous and are asking the public to call Cocoa Police if they have any information about him.

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