Where’s Trenton? News 6 explores Leesburg toddler’s disappearance

2-year-old disappeared in 2006

ORLANDO, Fla. – Nearly two decades after a toddler named Trenton Duckett vanished from his mother’s Central Florida apartment, his mysterious disappearance remains unsolved. While many believe the child is dead, police have not found any evidence confirming Trenton was harmed.

Melinda Duckett, Trenton’s mother, told detectives her 2-year-old had been kidnapped from his bed in August 2006. The child’s bedroom window was open and the screen had been cut.

Less than two weeks after reporting her son’s abduction, as investigators prepared to question the mother about her activity in the hours before Trenton was allegedly kidnapped, Melinda Duckett committed suicide.

Trenton’s father, Josh Duckett, remains hopeful that his son might be found alive.

In this 4-part video series, News 6 investigative reporter Mike DeForest revisits the days and weeks immediately after Trenton’s disappearance and reveals how the missing child investigation unfolded.

Part 1 – The Disappearance

A mother tells 911 dispatchers her 2-year-old son Trenton Duckett has been kidnapped from his bedroom. As Trenton’s father pleads for the community’s help, the mother commits suicide.

Part 2- The Investigation

Detectives investigating Trenton Duckett’s disappearance find suspicious evidence at the crime scene as they retrace the mother’s movements before the reported abduction.

Part 3- The Armchair Sleuths

True-crime enthusiasts exchange theories about Trenton’s disappearance online as a cable TV talk show host faces a lawsuit for her coverage of the missing child case.

Part 4 – The Handoff Theory

A surprise witness raises the possibility Trenton Duckett may have been given away to someone else and could still be alive.

About the Author:

Emmy Award-winning investigative reporter Mike DeForest has been covering Central Florida news for more than two decades.