News 6 political analyst previews the Democratic presidential primaries on ‘The Weekly’

The Florida primary will be held on March 17

ORLANDO, Fla. – Much of the nation’s attention this year has been on President Trump’s impeachment trial, but the focus will shift to Iowa on Monday as the Democratic presidential candidates have their first big test.

The Iowa caucuses kick off a busy month for the remaining candidates, and right now the race is wide open. Following the New Hampshire primary on February 11, elections in Nevada and South Carolina will close out the month.

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UCF history professor and News 6 political analyst Dr. Jim Clark and investigator Mike Holfeld joined anchor Justin Warmoth on “The Weekly on” to discuss how the race is shaping up.

“Caucuses are impossible to predict,” Clark said. “One poll this week showed Biden up. One poll showed Sanders up. Monday night is going to separate the leaders from the followers.”

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Florida Sen. Rick Scott (R) made headlines last week for running attack ads in Iowa against former Vice President Joe Biden. In the 30-second spot, Scott said the real story behind President Trump’s impeachment trial was the “corruption that Joe Biden got away with.”

Many political pundits have speculated the ad is the ‘starting gun for the 2024 presidential election.’ A spokesperson for Scott denied a possible presidential run had anything to do with why the commercial is airing in Iowa.

“I think it’s two-fold,” Holfeld said of the ad. “[Scott] is looking good to the Republican party nationally because he’s going after Biden who’s considered one of the front runners. He’s also got his name out there. CNBC has had him. FOX has had him, constantly. He has some name recognition already and this didn’t hurt.”

The Florida primary will be held on March 17.

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