Orlando International Airport to add 2 new security screening lanes

Addition comes as airport processed record 50.6 million passengers in 2019

ORLANDO, Fla. – Members of the Greater Orlando Aviation Authority approved more than $600,000 to go toward two TSA security lines on the east side of the airport.

The moves comes as airport leaders prepare for the notable spike during spring break. The airport is already undergoing a $4.2 billion project to handle more travelers and a better experience.

"This addition is an absolute operational necessity, with time being of the essence," Chief Operating Officer Stanley Thornton said in a memo to members of the Aviation Authority.

Orlando International Airport ended 2019 with breaking records for domestic and international traffic, totaling 50.6 million annual passengers.

News 6 observed as the line of passengers at the east security checkpoint weaved back to the food court.

"This will take the east security checkpoint from 16 lanes to 18 screening lanes," Tom Draper, senior director of airport operations, said. "So during that peak hour, hopefully our lines are less because we can process more people."

After Wednesday’s vote, the new lanes are expected to be installed, certified, and up and running by the end of the month.

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