Florida senator wants drive-up coronavirus testing

Sen. Rick Scott also advocates for health screenings at schools

ORLANDO, Fla. – Florida Sen. Rick Scott on Friday laid out some aggressive guidelines he wants the federal government to implement in hopes of stopping the spread of the coronavirus.

Scott penned the recommendations while in self-isolation after coming in contact with someone who tested positive for COVID-19.

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As more and more people are diagnosed with the respiratory illness, government officials across the country have canceled several major events, placed travel restrictions and urged certain people to quarantine themselves.

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Scott wants to take things a step further by doing the following:

  • Checking the temperature of anyone who wants to board mass transit, including planes and trains.
  • Checking the temperatures of students before the start of school each day and sending home anyone who has a fever.
  • Stepping up production of personal protective equipment, including masks and gloves, so health care workers and members of the general public can keep themselves safe.
  • Releasing a public service announcement every hour reminding people what they need to do to minimize their risk.
  • Creating a hotline that residents can call to determine if they need testing and how to do so if necessary.
  • Creating mobile, drive-up testing sites where workers in appropriate protective gear can collect samples for testing.
    • Those whose results are negative could continue to self-quarantine as a precaution
    • Anyone who is positive would be required to self-quarantine and call 911 if needed to receive an escort to a hospital.

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