After coronavirus forces schools to shift online, what’s next for Central Florida students?

Food programs begin, remote learning starts March 30

ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. – Students we talked with throughout the city of Orlando say they have questions about the online learning process as school districts across Central Florida are closed for at least the next few weeks amid fears of the coronavirus.

This coming as all neighborhood centers throughout Orlando are closing Friday at 6 p.m. Students say they also have concerns about mentorships, having somewhere safe to go, and getting healthy food options.

Frank Gasbard is a 9th grader in Orange County.

"I don't know what's going on," said Gasbard. "I don’t really know how to use it yet."

He's like many kids all over Central Florida now trying to make sense of learning online for at least the next few weeks and how things will work.

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Orange County school leaders say remote learning will start for kids on March 30. As for teachers, they’ll begin prepping for teaching online on Monday, March 23. Other Central Florida school districts have similar plans for the timeline of remote learning.

Meantime, with neighborhood centers across the city of Orlando closing Friday evening as a precaution because of Covid19, Frantz Gasbard said it could impact his friends big time, many of them who rely on the centers for healthy food options.

Kerry Blackshear runs the Northwest Community Center in Orlando.

“Some families depend on the food system in the schools and also some of the food service that we provide,” Blackshear said.

There are many options out available for families to get healthy meals.

At the distribution center Thursday at the Second Harvest Food Bank volunteers are ready to assist families in need doling out health food options. Read more about how to pick up healthy meals here.

In addition, in Orange County, beginning Monday, March 23, 50 schools will be serving breakfast and lunch to go for children.

Pick up and go breakfast and lunch is happening at many Central Florida school districts, see that full list here.

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