Not social distancing? Orlando police will hand out Stay-At-Home flyers to violators

Police chief: Executive order isn’t about arresting people, its about educating

ORLANDO, Fla. – Orlando Police Chief Orlando Rolón said on Tuesday his officers have been seeing people out and about while the stay-at-home order is still in effect in Orange County.

He explains people have been seen hanging out in large groups specifically at basketball courts and churches which is why officers will now hand out flyers to people caught not following the rules.

"What's sad is that someone will always push the limit that enforces our hand and potentially take some sort of enforcement action," Rolón said.

The flyers explain in English and in Spanish the Stay-At-Home guidelines and what residents can and cannot do.

Rolón is hoping this will educate residents and help flatten the curve across Orange County.

“The point here is that obviously the City of Orlando is doing an amazing job to try and keep everyone informed. They are going through this process to educate our citizens,” he said.

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Local leaders say they know staying at home isn't always easy but if people are violating the guidelines, they'll be called out on it.

"We are going to try and limit the amount of time we have when it comes to contact with citizens but undoubtedly when it comes to police it's something we can't help," Rolón explained.

The chief mentioned the executive order is not about arresting people but rather educating the community during this time.

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