What were those bright lights in the sky above Central Florida?

News 6 viewers spot trail of lights

ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. – A bird, a plane, Superman? Nope. They were Starlink satellites.

News 6 took several phone calls around 9 p.m. Thursday night, asking, “What’s in the sky?”

News 6 Chief Meteorologist Tom Sorrells said he also saw objects fly through the sky while he was walking his dog.

WeReportSpace photographer Michael Seeley was among the Central Floridians who saw the amazing view of the SpaceX Starlink train from the Space Coast.

SpaceX is trying to create a space-based internet through a network of satellites, with more than 300 Starlink satellites orbiting the Earth.

Those who missed the Starlink train Thursday, had another opportunity to view the satellites at about 8:37 p.m. Friday.

The website james.darpinian.com projected Central Floridians will be able to see the satellites around 8:37 p.m. Friday.

You can find out when the satellites are visible for you again by entering your zip code at this link.