Florida unemployment system failing single mother still waiting on benefits amid coronavirus pandemic

Despite governor’s moratorium on evictions family forced to leave rental home

Florida's unemployment system failing people in need

Rebecca Weaver is living every parent’s nightmare; No job, no benefits and no place to live.

“It’s difficult I can’t even look for work because the kids are out of school," she said. “I’m at zero, I don’t know what to do now.”

The single mother of three unexpectedly lost her job with Co-Part Auto Auction near Tallahassee on April 21 after she asked to return from a company enforced quarantine.

Weaver takes a medication that weakens the immune system so when she started coughing at work the staff wanted her out.

After getting clearance from her physician she said she called her supervisor to be placed back on the schedule but the job was gone.

“He was like, ‘Thanks for getting back to me, we’ve filled our positions,’” she said.

Rebecca’s plight has been compounded by her landlord’s refusal to extend her rent until she received her stimulus check.

“I mean he had no sympathy,” she said. "He just locked me out”

Although the IRS website indicates her stimulus check was issued April 24 she still has not seen a dime.

News 6 has reached out to her state senator in District 3 to help us sort out the delays.

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