Sign of the times: Orlando company makes new COVID-19 messaging for businesses

Floor markers, CDC guideline-related signs dominate orders

ORLANDO, Fla. – Just about everywhere you go, there are signs reminding people to keep their distance from one another. It's all part of social distancing efforts to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

FASTSIGNS Orlando Central on East Colonial Drive showed News 6 what’s become their “precautions portfolio,” a series of sign options businesses are using to follow the Center for Disease Control and Prevention’s guidelines for reopening.

"We have one for how to wash your hands, one for masks and gloves," co-owner Richard Goldstein said. "We do have a little bit of normal signage going on, but the lion’s share is COVID-related signage."

The company has found itself making everything, from floor markings to assist with social distancing to parking signs.

"We’ve done lots of signs for restaurants," CEO Renee Friedman said. "Before it was 'open for curbside,' now it’s 'we’re open.'"

Despite signs everywhere you look nowadays, the pandemic plagued this business. They’re only at about half the orders they had before COVID-19.

“Nothing is going on for any event, golf tournament, or hotel or convention, so that cuts into some work,” Friedman said.

Because of the pandemic, FASTSIGNS is also now making face shields and acrylic shields that go on countertops.

"This is something we never did before this," Goldstein said.

Friedman told News 6 the business is continuing to look into ways to adapt, as they look for more work opportunities.

“FASTSIGNS has always been fast, but now it’s super fast,” she said.

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