Brevard County leaders lay out school reopening recommendations

Superintendent to reveal final reopening plan Tuesday

BREVARD COUNTY, Fla. – New recommendations released Thursday and set to be considered by the Brevard County school board include teachers and students wearing masks, including on buses, where kids may also be asked to use hand sanitizer before and after each ride.

According to the plans presented on Thursday, students might also be washing hands between every class.

The district also recommended isolating sick students while they wait for their parents to pick them up and take them home, and that students and staff members take their own temperature at home before coming to school each day.

“Parents, you guys know your kids best. If they’re not feeling well, keep them at home,” Assistant Superintendent of Student Services Christine Moore said.

Plans to minimize contact could also include fewer classes and class changes, as well as less walking in the hallways.

District administrators said that if someone at school tests positive, the whole school could close for three days and students could be away from the building for 14 days.

Lots of cleaning and deep cleanings at schools were also part of Thursday’s recommendations.

Brevard County teachers are set to return to schools Aug. 3. The first official day of school is Aug. 11.

"What we're hearing is a lot of narrative about what could be done and not enough procedures in place," Brevard Federation of Teachers Vice President Vanessa Skipper said.

The superintendent is expected to present the final reopening plan at the school board meeting on Tuesday.

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