Wife encourages plasma donations as husband fights for life in ICU

She is hoping anyone with antibodies donates their plasma

SEMINOLE COUNTY, Fla. – An Altamonte Springs man is struggling for his life after a COVID-19 diagnosis, according to his family.

The family is encouraging others to donate plasma for COVID-19 treatment.

Nicole Mansini said her husband, Michael Moore, is currently incubated on a ventilator at AdventHealth Altamonte Springs since Friday.

“All I want to do is hold my husband’s hand,” Mansini said.

Mansini said on Sunday, doctors brought up using conversant plasma treatment. However, she said he is currently on a waiting list.

“It’s just terrifying. It breaks my heart to not be able to be with him. I’m reliant on the ICU nurses to communicate with me. They are so busy, overloaded that I’m only hearing once or twice a day from them.”

OneBlood told News 6 the demand for convalescents plasma to treat COVID-19 patients is up 500% from recent demand. Not only are there more COVID-19 cases, but doctors are also using the plasma treatment earlier.

Mansini said while she hopes for her husband’s condition to improve, she encourages anyone with the COVID-19 antibodies to donate their plasma.

“It’s 30 minutes that you can take out of your day that will just mean the world of difference to people like me who are frustrated and upset and struggling and just want their family members to get over this and live,” Mansini said.

Mansini said that she hopes her husband can begin the plasma treatment soon.

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