Monument to nation’s space program vandalized at Titusville Space View Park

An investigation is underway

Photo: Craig Rubadoux (Florida Today)

BREVARD COUNTY, Fla. – Titusville Police were attempting to find out who scrawled graffiti across a monument honoring astronauts and workers involved with the nation’s space program and the moon mission.

The incident was reported Wednesday night at Space View Park, 8 Broad St., a public area that sits along the riverside about 15 miles west of the launch pads at Kennedy Space Center.

The park — which also includes an exhibit with the handprints of Astronaut Neil Armstrong, the first man to walk on the moon and a memorial to the Apollo program — is also a frequent stop for tourists and locals who want to watch rocket launches. 

Photos circulated on social media of what appeared to be white or silver writing along the statutes and stone slabs memorializing the Apollo Space program that launched the nation to the moon.

Police arrived Wednesday evening and found an unnamed woman cleaning the writing off of the memorial. It was not immediately known when the vandalism took place.

The officer reported that because the memorial was cleaned before police arrived, it would be difficult to charge anyone with criminal mischief in the case, the report stated. Several people were at the park assisting with scrubbing the unidentified writing off of the tributes. 

An investigation is underway. 

News 6 partner Florida Today reported on this story