Walk-thru temperature scanners to be added at some Osceola County schools

Harris Rosen donates machines

OSCEOLA COUNTY, Fla. – Dr. Debra Pace, the superintendent of the School District of Osceola County, said walk-thru, touch-less temperature scanners can be found in some buildings throughout the district.

She said the district currently has four of the temperature scanners that they piloted over the summer.

Pace said Harris Rosen, of Rosen Hotels & Resorts, donated the four scanners to the school district.

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She said they have since purchased 14 additional walk-thru temperature scanners.

School officials said the four scanners are currently placed at Neptune Middle School, Horizon Middle School and two are at district office buildings.

The district said the 14 additional walk-thru scanners are on order and will be placed at comprehensive high schools and at their three transportation facilities.

Pace said placing the temperature scanners at the high schools was strategic.

“Our high school students, as you know, are not going to be as likely to have mom or dad checking their temperature each and every morning,” Pace said.

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For the schools that do not have the walk-thru scanners, Pace said they are equipped with other temperature-checking methods.

She said each school already has five touch-less thermometers and that each department also has a touch-less thermometer.

Pace said all staff members will check their temperature when they walk in to school, but said student temperature checks will be offered randomly.

School officials have also said that the walk-thru temperature scanners are mobile and can be moved to different entrances and buildings.

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