Some Edgewater boat ramps, parks closed due to flooding from weekend storms

City records nearly a foot of rain

EDGEWATER, Fla. – People who live in Edgewater are starting to see the standing water recede in the neighborhoods, but the issue is the rising water levels of the Indian River.

That’s why the city has had to shut down some boat ramps and parks because of the flooding.

Over the weekend, the City of Edgewater recorded nearly a foot of rain in some areas, flooding streets and driveways.

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“You can see the line right there with the leaves. The water was halfway up the driveway, coming up to your ankles,” said Robert Maria, who lives in an Edgewater neighborhood.

Monday, neighbors like Maria raked leaves and cleaned up the mess left behind.

“There are a lot of leaves and trash that came down the street... it just kept flowing,” Maria said.

City crews were also out mitigating the floodwaters. Edgewater City Manager Glenn Irby said the storms brought too much water all at once.

“I was born in Florida. I’ve never seen rain like that before, it was a lot of water,” Irby said.

Monday, there were still some areas that had standing water, but most have receded.

At Menard May Park, there’s a closed sign. Much of the area is flooded. Along Riverside Drive, parts of the docks were disappearing under the high waters. Some driveways and sidewalks were still underwater.

Irby said the storm drains did their job.

“The main thing we’re concerned about right now is not the flooding, but the lift stations. Our crews are looking at them now to make sure the sewage flowing and not in the street,” Irby said.

Irby said it may take a day or two for the water from the Indian River to recede and some of the boat ramps and parks to reopen.

To help mitigate some of the flooding in your area, Iby said it’s important to make sure the storm drains are free of any debris like trash or leaves. He said it can keep the water from draining properly and cause flooding.

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