Insane drone video reveals huge hammerhead shark circling clueless swimmer in Florida

Shark eventually swam away leaving swimmer unharmed, McIntosh said

Everyone knows sharks fill the water off Florida’s coast and many choose to get in the water anyway.

What you might not expect to find though is a 10-foot long hammerhead shark circling an unsuspecting swimmer.

A drone video taken by Jason McIntosh on Nov. 15 in Miami Beach, Florida shows just that.

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If you were already afraid of going into the ocean you really won’t want to get in after watching this video.

The terrifying video captured the giant creature circling in shallow water just below a man that is clueless about what’s happening below him.

McIntosh who said he had no way to warn the swimmer told Jam Press, “I’ve seen hammerheads out there in the shoreline before. But my eyes lit up when I saw the guy floating backwards swimming with the shark starting to circle him.”

According to McIntosh, the shark swam off eventually and the swimmer was unharmed.

Who’s ready to take a dip?