Volusia County begins using state vaccine registration system, walk-in appointments

More than 55,000 people in Volusia County have received COVID-19 vaccine

VOLUSIA COUNTY, Fla. – There will be 2,000 first doses of the vaccine provided at the Volusia County fairgrounds this week as appointments are now made through the state’s preregistration system.

Volusia County officials announced the county will use the statewide COVID-19 vaccine registration system beginning Feb. 15.

To preregister with the statewide system, Floridians can click this link or call 866-201-7314.

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Crews working with the system will call Floridians when vaccine appointments are available.

“It allows people to pre-register once and then wait to receive that phone call,” said county spokesperson, Kate Sark.

Sark said they’re switching from the Eventbrite system they were using to the state’s system, making it easier for people to sign up and the county and state to stay on top of available doses.

For those who already got their first dose through Eventbrite, county officials said to stick with those instructions for your second dose.

“People who used Eventbrite and got their first dose with us through Eventbrite do not have to now register through the new system for their second dose,” said Sark.

The county is also starting walk-in appointments for first doses this week instead of drive-thru.

“This is because of those afternoon thunderstorms we start to get. It’s also getting quite warm. So, we’re able to guarantee we’re able to fulfill those appointments each day without having to worry about the weather,” she said.


The walk-ins are just for first doses. Second doses will be given through the drive-thru process still.

“People who are starting new and fresh are using the walk-up site, people who have already done this once will continue with the same process and drive thru again,” said Sark.

Sark said they have already received some complaints and questions from those who have a hard time walking for these new walk-in appointments. She said that there will be wheelchairs seats and other methods of help available for those who need it.

County officials said preregistering does not guarantee an appointment.

The vaccines at the fairgrounds are only available for people 65 and older.

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