Quarantini? Here are each state’s favorite pandemic cocktails

Florida’s most searched drink is piña colada

Most searched drinks during quarantine (Upgraded Points)

People were no doubt mixing up more cocktails at home when the pandemic prompted the shutdown of bars and restaurants last year.

But the travel rewards company Upgraded Points wanted to see which ones were most popular in each state.

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They used Google Trends’ data from March 2020 to March 2021 to see which drinks people were looking up the instructions for.

Turns out the mimosa was the most popular in the highest number of states, with six.

And five different cocktails were the most popular in three states each. They are the margarita, mojito, piña colada, white Russian, and wine cooler.

The most searched in Florida was the piña colada.

Some states had more unique drink choices like the Paloma, hot buttered rum, fuzzy navel, rusty nail, painkiller, dark n’ stormy, shandy and rickey.

Most searched drinks during quarantine (Upgraded Points)