‘The struggle is real:’ Orlando restaurant owner can’t find workers

One restaurant owner said other restaurant owners are dealing with staffing shortages

ORLANDO, Fla. – A restaurant owner in Orlando said that their business is having a hard time finding staff.

Maxine Earhart from Maxine’s on Shine in Orlando said their business has also had a hiring sign on the door for a month.

“The struggle is real,” Earhart said.

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Earheart said other restaurant owners are dealing with the same staffing shortages.

“Lots and lots of restaurants. I mean I have friends that can’t even open their restaurants for lunch because there just isn’t any labor pool for people to work that shift,” Earhart said.

Fast food restaurants such as Wendy’s have been spotted posting signs offering a signing bonus for new hires.

With federal unemployment assistance being offered on top of the state benefit, several business owners have questioned if that income is playing a factor in the shortage of people seeking employment.

“It could be unemployment. You know the labor pool usually is young people and they don’t need as much money to survive every month, so maybe they are enjoying themselves a little bit longer,” Earhart said.

Earhart also said that area restaurant owners are asking people to be patient as their eateries struggle to serve customers in a timely manner while short-staffed.

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