Beachline Expressway could become a toll road in Brevard County

Toll locations were not discussed at commission meeting

Beachline Expressway could become a toll road in Brevard County
Beachline Expressway could become a toll road in Brevard County

BREVARD COUNTY, Fla. – The Central Florida Expressway Authority wants to buy the Beachline in Brevard County adding to the 125 miles of expressway CFX owns already.

CFX tolls run the length of the Beachline in Orange County from close to I-4, east to Highway 520, but once you enter Brevard, the 528 is controlled by the Florida Department of Transportation and for drivers, it’s toll-free.

Brevard County Commissioner Curt Smith is a CFX board member.

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He said the 528 needs upgrades and CFX tolls could pay for them.

“We operate with tolls, and we make sure our roads are pristine,” Smith told commissioners on May 4.

Tuesday, the CFX executive director made a presentation to the commission.

“The tolls that we collect in the Central Florida area get reinvested back here in Central Florida,” Laura Kelley said.

There was no discussion Tuesday about where potential toll stations could be placed or what the rates might be.

A South Patrick Shores resident addressed commissioners following the CFX presentation.

“It’s concerning to me, this was not put on as an agenda item allowing public comment,” Sandra Sullivan said.

Off the Beachline near Port Canaveral, News 6 asked Janet Sharpley from Osceola County if she would support adding tolls to her routine drive to go fishing.

“I just don’t think it’s fair. We already pay taxes,” Sharpley said.

She also referenced money the government collects from Florida’s lottery

“We have all these other things to enjoy this beautiful state and I think it’s just another way to get into people’s pockets right now when we don’t need that,” Sharpley said.

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