Storms, high winds cause damage in Cocoa

Sign on home says ‘building is unsafe’

Residents at the Cocoa Bay Community were caught by surprise Sunday when straight line winds whipped the area, causing damage to homes.

The National Weather Service said straight-line winds were recorded at 60 to 70 mph.

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The Cocoa Fire Department looked at roof damage from several homes, one of which had a note on the door that said “building is unsafe.”

“The whole house shook, then trees were flying everywhere, and we came out and saw and it was like, ‘Holy cow! What happened?’” one resident said.

Part of a tree fell on a SUV and a woman said all of her children’s toys were blown from their front yard.

“It happened in a second. It was raining and all of the sudden this wind came and we heard hail. It hit the back side of the house and then I heard a big snap and I looked out the window and everything was blown flat,” another resident said.

Tammi Jo Anderson’s car had debris on top of it but did not suffer major damage. She lives with her daughter and grandchildren.

“My daughter heard something hit the window and she looked out it was hail and as soon as the hail hit the window, she said she looked and saw it coming over this way,” Anderson said.

Cocoa Code Enforcement showed up on Monday morning to look at the damage.

“I mean we are all very lucky because it was like way too close for comfort,” Anderson said.

No injuries were reported.

Emergency assistance was provided to two adults, three dogs and a cat, according to the American Red Cross.

Mental health services and one-on-one support to connect people to available recovery assistance was offered also, the Red Cross said.

Contributed photo (Marie Savickas)
Contributed photo (Marie Savickas)