Health leaders encourage people to get vaccine amid concerns of lambda COVID-19 variant

Delta variant is not the main variant

SEMINOLE COUNTY, Fla. – Dr. Todd Husty, the Medical Director for Seminole County said with the prevalence of the Delta variant in Central Florida, and another variant experts are now watching, called the Lambda variant, he said their focus is to get those who haven’t been vaccinated, to get the shot.

“Almost assuredly, given enough time, and given enough opportunities, this darn thing will mutate into something that is resistant to our vaccines and to the natural immunity we get from having the disease when it does that it’s like pressing the reset button you’ve got to start all over,” Dr. Husty said.

While the Delta variant may not be the main variant yet in Central Florida, according to Dr. Husty, he said it will likely become the main strain of the virus.

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“Delta has a bigger kick to it for sure, I mean it’s hitting people who are unvaccinated, and it’s hospitalizing 30 to 55-year-olds,” Dr. Husty said.

Health leaders want to continue educating people who are unvaccinated.

“We’re going to examine the holes that we still have to fill, and we’re going to fill them, but I know we’ve done a pretty darn good job, it’s just sort of public opinion can be hard to sway,” Dr. Husty said.

Dr. Husty said they will be having meetings in the next few days about how they can ramp up their efforts to reach those that are unvaccinated.

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