Employees with Orange County Tax Collector’s Office must be vaccinated by end of August

Exceptions may be allowed due to religious belief or medical reason

(Pfizer via AP) (Uncredited, Pfizer)

ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. – Employees with the Orange County Tax Collector’s Office must be fully vaccinated by the end of August, according to a memo sent to the staff.

“The law mandates that we provide a safe work environment for all employees and having non-vaccinated employees that can spread COVID-19 among other vaccinated employees is not providing a safe working environment,” the memo states.

According to the memo, county officials do not want to close the office due to an outbreak down the road.

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“Taxpayers fund not only our wages but also our healthcare benefits,” the memo reads.

County officials said serious COVID-19 hospitalization cost hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Each employee has to be fully vaccinated by Aug. 31.

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Anyone who chooses to get the Moderna vaccine must receive their first dose by Aug. 3 and if an employee wants the Pfizer vaccine they must receive their first dose by Aug. 10.

The office may grant exceptions due to religious beliefs or medical reasons.

An employee who wants exceptions must file completed forms for the exception by Aug. 10.

Anyone granted an exception will have to wear a mask at work, employees may also be required to submit a negative test for COVID-19 at the beginning of each workweek.

The Department of Veterans Affairs said they will also require healthcare workers in the federal agency to get a coronavirus vaccine.