2021 Lake County Voter Guide: Election results

Mount Dora mayoral race highlights Nov. 2 election

LAKE COUNTY, Fla. – Residents in Lake County cast their ballots Tuesday in several races including Mount Dora mayor, Mount Dora City Council and Tavares City Council.

A Lady Lake Town Commissioner seat, a seat on Groveland City Council and a seat on Monteverde Town Council was also be on some of the ballots.

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According to Lake County, drop boxes for mail-in ballots were available at all 12 early voting locations.

According to the Lake County Supervisor of Elections office, 9,137 ballots were cast out of 48,772 registered voters. That comes out to a voter turnout of more than 18%.

Below are all the election results in Lake County.

Lady Lake Town Commissioner Ward 3

  • John W. Brinson Jr. - (17.69%)
  • Ed Freeman - Winner (82.31%)

Groveland City Council District 2

  • Mike Radzik - Winner (76.24%)
  • Christopher Walker - (23.76%)

Montverde Town Council (Vote for three)

  • Allan Hartle - (25.49%)
  • James Ley - (24.63%)
  • Paul Ryan - (12.68%)
  • Gary Schindele - (13.66%)
  • Judy S. Smith (23.54%)

Mount Dora Mayor

  • Catherine T. Hoechst - (41.47%)
  • Crissy Stile - Winner (58.53%)

Mount Dora City Council District 1

  • John Cataldo - Winner (63.66%)
  • Carroll Jaskulski - (36.34%)

Tavares City Council Seat 2

  • Lou Buigas - (46.08%)
  • Sandy Gamble - Winner (53.92%)

Tavares City Council Seat 4

  • Steve Farley - (35.92%)
  • Troy W. Singer - Winner (64.08%)

City of Groveland Charter Amendment 1: “Four-Year Terms of Office for Councilmembers and Mayor (Shall the Charter of Groveland be amended to provide for a four-year term of office, for mayor and each councilmember with a one-time interim three-year term of office for councilmembers elected to District 2 and 4 and a one-time interim two-year term of officer for councilmembers elected to Districts 1, 3, and 5?)

  • Yes - (48.35%)
  • No - (51.65%)

City of Groveland Charter Amendment 2: “Single-member District System with Councilmembers Elected by District Voters (Shall the Charter of Groveland be amended to provide that each of the four district councilmembers shall be elected by district by the voters in that district?)

  • Yes - (71.07%)
  • No - (28.93%)

Town of Lady Lake Charter Amendment 1: “Qualifications. The days for computing the qualification dates for the Town Commissioner are inaccurate and include the wording “prior to the first primary”, which does not apply to the Town’s electoral process. This has been corrected to the present day general law requirements and allows that general law shall supersede over this section and govern should general law change.”

  • Yes - (90.76%)
  • No - (9.24%)

Town of Lady Lake Charter Amendment 2: “Form of Ballots. This section was amended to remove the words “and mayor” in regard to elections, as the mayor is a position appointed by the Town Commission, and not an elected position.”

  • Yes - (88.43%)
  • No - (11.57%)

Town of Lady Lake Charter Amendment 3: “Elections. This section was amended to remove the words ‘any local or general law to the contrary notwithstanding’ and replace it with ‘unless general law states otherwise and if so, general law shall supersede and govern.’”

  • Yes - (86.61%)
  • No - (13.39%)