Gas Station hit by bullets on two separate nights, owner worried

An Orlando gas station owner said he’s terrified and tired of working in fear after he discovered what he says appears to be two bullet holes to his gas station’s front window. The shootings happened over two weeks.

Bhaveshkumar Patel showed News 6 the damage to his store. He said his store has been hit twice in two separate incidents. He said the first time was Nov. 25, and the most recent incident was on Dec. 4. He said in both cases it happened after his store was closed.

He said he’s not sure why someone would want to target his business.

“I’m not to0 sure because we have a good relationship with customers. We’re always quite friendly, quite helpful,” said Patel.

He owns the Citgo on Curry Ford Road near Fredrica Drive in Orlando.

“It’s never been good for anyone to get involved with this bad crime, because it’s not right, said Patel.

He believes in both cases someone just drove by and opened fire.

Patel said he worries about he and his wife’s safety after not one but two incidents here in less than two weeks. He said he’s considered closing his doors, but he really can’t afford to, especially right now around the holidays.

“We are trying to work hard and bring a good upbringing to our children, a better life,” said Patel.

Patel said Orlando police are adding patrols in the area. “I spoke with the local police officer, and I’ve been ensured that they will have more police patrols the next few weeks and hopefully that will help us.”

An Orlando Police spokesperson told News 6 they’re working to get us more information about these incidents Monday morning.

About the Author:

Jerry Askin is an Atlanta native who came to News 6 in March 2018 with an extensive background in breaking news.