Name of teen, charges released in shooting at Seminole High School

Da’raveius Smith arrested; Jhavon McIntyre suffers non-life threatening injuries

SANFORD, Fla.UPDATE: A 16-year-old student at Seminole High School is in custody after a shooting at the school Wednesday, according to Sanford police.

Da’raveius Smith was arrested after officers said he shot an 18-year-old student inside a school building just before noon.

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Smith is facing one count of attempted homicide, one count of possession of a firearm on campus, one count of firing a weapon and one count of disturbing the peace while interfering with school administration functions.

The suspect said told investigators he met with the vice principal of Seminole High School last week about an issue he had with a classmate on campus, according to an arrest affidavit.

The victim was shot three times and was taken to a hospital where he is in stable condition, according to a news release.

The victim’s family identified him as Jhavon McIntyre. They said the 18-year-old is a football cornerback looking to play college ball, though they are concerned his injuries from the shooting may hurt his chances.

“This incident that occurred today is one that we prepare for — we hope it never happens,” Sanford Police Chief Cecil Smith said. “We’re grateful that there was no loss of life today.”

The chief initially said that the shooting is the result of a dispute between the victim and the accused shooter over a girl, but later learned it was a dispute over a dead relative. He added that there is no indication that the gunfire is in anyway gang-related.

“Presently we have no information or information period that this is a gang-related situation. Zero. There’s nothing to identify that,” Smith said.

The chief said, at the moment, it is not clear how the student got the gun onto campus.

The victim’s family said the 18-year-old was friends with the accused shooter prior to the attack.

Police said the investigation is ongoing and have not said what charges the accused shooter may face.

The superintendent of Seminole County Public Schools, Serita Beamon, said that classes at Seminole High School will proceed as usual Thursday, but that there will be counselors on campus to help students.

“There will be enhanced law enforcement presence on campus, along with mental health counselors to talk to students that are experiencing a trauma,” Beamon said.

Extra officers will be on campus the rest of the week.

Principal Dr. Jordan Rodriquez reached out to the parents of the Seminole High School in an email on Wednesday.

“Please forgive my delay in sending this message. For those who have become accustomed to the speed at which I like to share information as events occur, this is uncharacteristically late. Due to the events that transpired today, I was unable to sit down long enough to draft this. I would like to thank my administrative team, faculty, staff, and students for the poise and leadership they exhibited today,” Rodriguez wrote.

Rodriguez said he will continue to bring positivity and enthusiasm to the classroom.

“The events of today do not define our campus. The Nole Nation will grow closer and stronger. To all those who reached out today with messages of support, I can’t thank you enough,” he said.

County officials said the student charged in the shooting will have a court appearance at 8:30 a.m. on Thursday.

The family said McIntyre is recovering after doctors performed surgery on his wrist.

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A Seminole High School student has been taken into custody after shooting a classmate at the school Wednesday, according to school officials.

The student that was shot has non-life-threatening injuries, the school official confirmed to News 6.

The victim’s family told News 6 the teen was shot three times, once in the wrist and in each leg.

The high school put out an email to parents about the arrest. You can read the email below:

“Dear Seminole High School Families,

We regret to inform you that a shooting occurred on/near campus. One student was injured and a suspect is in custody. This was an isolated incident. Students are safe on campus, but will remain in lockdown until cleared by law enforcement.

Due to it being an early-release day and as a result of this incident, we will have a delayed dismissal. We will continue to provide you updates as we have more details to share.

Thank you!”

Seminole High School

The school district also sent an updated voicemail to parents after the suspect was arrested. You can hear it in the media player below:

Sanford police held a briefing on the shooting and the arrest. Police would not say that the suspect is a student at the school, but a school official confirmed to News 6 that the accused shooter does attend Seminole High School.

Seminole High School is on a “Code Red Lockdown,” according to the district. The ninth-grade center is under a “Code Yellow.”

A spokesperson for Seminole County Public Schools said students are safe and there is no threat to campus.

Rick Evans, a parent of a senior at Seminole High School, said his daughter is shaken up by the incident.

“They’re a little shaken up about the whole incident because they didn’t know if the shooter was outside or in the building.” Evans said. “I am relieved, but when I first heard, I was shook. I was like ‘I got to get up here as soon as possible.’”

The school district sent a voicemail to parents following the shooting.

“Dear Seminole High School families, we’re currently in a code red lockdown due to an incident on or near the main campus,” the voicemail from the school said. “Students are safe and there is no current threat to the campus. Students will remain in lockdown until the situation is cleared from law enforcement. Parents, please do not come to the school at this time as law enforcement continues their active investigation. We will continue to update you once we have more information to share. Thank you.”

This is a developing story and will be updated as more information becomes available.

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