LISTEN: Jogger calls 911 in Brevard County after man tried to strangle him

Logan Smith, 18, admitted he planned to keep the victim’s body to fulfill sexual fantasies, deputies say

Logan Smith, 18 (Copyright 2022 by WKMG ClickOrlando - All rights reserved.)

COCOA, Fla. – The 911 call a jogger made after, according to deputies, an 18-year-old tried to strangle him in a Brevard County neighborhood was released Wednesday.

The jogger was attacked in the 7400 block of Batavia Ave. Monday evening, records show.

“I’ve got him detained on the ground right now. I need the cops to my location immediately,” the victim said to dispatchers.

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Deputies said the man the victim had detained was Logan Smith, 18, who had tried to choke the jogger with the waist belt from a robe.

When the victim ran by, Smith came up behind the man and wrapped the waist belt around the jogger’s neck, according to probable cause affidavit.

Smith yanked on the belt and began to choke the victim, however, deputies said the victim used his martial arts training to free himself and subdue the 18-year-old until law enforcement could arrive.

The victim made the call to 911 as he was subduing his would-be attacker, according to the recording.

“I have him subdued with a grip on his throat and his hands,” the jogger said.

Listen to the 911 call in the media player below:

The man provided a description of his attacker to the emergency dispatcher.

“About how old does he look?” the dispatcher asked.

“Eh, older teens, younger 20s,” the jogger said.

The dispatchers also asked whether the subdued attacker was saying anything.

“Is he talking at all? He’s breathing though, correct? This male,” the dispatcher said.

“He’s currently conscious and breathing. He’s not resisting currently, but again, I also have my hand around his neck,” the jogger responded.

As the man stayed on the line waiting for deputies to arrive, he can be heard speaking to his attacker.

“You made a very dumb decision,” the jogger said.

The call ended shortly thereafter when deputies arrived.

Deputies said when they questioned Smith, he admitted to trying to strangle the victim. Smith said he had planned to drag the man into the driveway and then use the bed sheet to aid him in getting the jogger into his bedroom, records show.

Investigators said Smith had been watching the jogger for some time, learning his patterns. Smith admitted he wanted to have the victim’s body “all to himself,” the affidavit reads, and that he planned to fulfill sexual fantasies with the body.

Smith is locked up without bond, facing a charge of attempted murder.

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