Timeline: Here’s what happened day of Seminole High School shooting, police say

18-year-old shot, sustained non-life-threatening injuries

SEMINOLE COUNTY, Fla. – A 16-year-old was taken into custody Wednesday after shooting and injuring a Seminole High School classmate on the Sanford campus, according to police.

Sanford police Chief initially said the shooting stemmed from a dispute between the suspect and the victim over a girl, but later learned it was a dispute over a dead relative. The 16-year-old shot the victim three times, according to investigators.

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The victim, later identified by his family as Jhavon McIntyre, was transported to the hospital and is in stable condition having suffered non-life-threatening injuries. His family said he underwent a wrist surgery following the shooting.

Here is a timeline of the events that unfolded Wednesday at Seminole High School, according to the Sanford Police Department:

  • 11:55 a.m. - One of the school resource officers identifies that there is a weapon on campus. Shots are fired and students begin to run. The SRO requests assistance.
  • 11:58 a.m. - Another SRO advises that he is with a shooting victim located at the Tomahawk building located at the back of the Sanford campus.
  • 11:58 a.m. - The high school is placed on lockdown and perimeters are established around the building.
  • 12:00-12:03 p.m. - Officers receive a description of the possible shooter: A Black male with hair half-blonde and half-black, wearing a blue hoodie and a black mask.
  • 12:05-12:08 p.m. - Law enforcement officers make contact with the principal who confirmed shelter-in-place had happened.
  • 12:09 p.m. - Sanford police locate three 9 mm bullet casings around the Tomahawk building.
  • 12:10-12:12 p.m.- The local fire department secures the scene to ensure the 18-year-old victim, who was shot three times, is transported to Central Florida Regional Hospital.
  • 12:15 p.m. - Officers locate a 9 mm handgun in the bushes around the tennis court and continued to search and secure buildings.
  • 12:15 p.m. - School and law enforcement officials created a unification location for parents and students and said they are providing people with updates via Facebook and Twitter.
  • 12:20 p.m.- The 16-year-old suspect is taken into custody.
  • 12:20 p.m. - Law enforcement and school officials decide to continue the lockdown and have the students released later on the early dismissal day.
  • 1:32 p.m. - The Seminole High School 9th grade center is released.
  • 1:48 p.m. - The Seminole High School 9th grade center is secured.
  • 2:45-3:00 p.m. - The main campus begins late release for students.
  • 7:55 p.m. The family said McIntyre is recovering after doctors performed surgery on his wrist.
  • 9 p.m. Da’raveius Smith was arrested after officers said he shot an 18-year-old student inside a school building just before noon.

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