Man accused of trying to break into Daytona Beach home while fleeing from ‘ghost’

Andrew George, 38, faces charges of burglary

Andrew George, 38 (Daytona Beach Police Department)

DAYTONA BEACH, Fla. – A Volusia County man and woman were arrested on Tuesday evening after trying to break into a home in Daytona Beach, according to the police department.

Police said they were called to a shooting at 426 S. Beach Street, though it was later revealed to have instead been a burglary.

Upon arrival, police found a man — 38-year-old Andrew George — lying on his back, covered in blood and crying out in pain, an affidavit shows. A woman — 36-year-old Natasha Kachuroi — was found with him, police said.

Natasha Kachuroi, 36 (Daytona Beach Police Department)

While speaking with the pair, police found that they had gotten a room at the nearby Travel Inn, but after hearing the bathroom window opening, they demanded a refund on the belief that someone had been trying to break into their room, according to police.

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Court records state that both George and Kachuroi then fled toward Beach Street while believing that a “shadow” was following them.

Investigators said the pair began running around the parking lot of the Halifax Marina due to being chased by an unknown person, and George became separated when he ran away and fell into the water.

After helping George out of the water, the two then raced to a business at 432 S. Beach Street, where Kachuroi began knocking on the door and George picked up a chair to smash a window, the affidavit reads.

At this time, the residents of 426 S. Beach Street were awakened after hearing cries for help outside, police said. As a result, a woman in the home went out to investigate, seeing both George and Kachuroi on the business’ front porch, according to court records.

Investigators said Kachuroi then saw the woman and said, “Please help me.” However, when the woman asked what was going on, George immediately turned and ran at the woman, causing her to run back into her home and lock the door, the affidavit explains.

George then began pounding on the door, and the woman armed herself with a knife in her kitchen, threatening to kill George if he managed to break through, police said. Kachuroi then began trying to stop George from breaking into the home, according to detectives.

Eventually, another woman — the homeowner — called 911, police stated.

According to the affidavit, George later told police that he and Kachuroi had left the hotel and begun fleeing because he believed a “ghost” was chasing after him and wanted to harm him.

George continued, saying he ran to the business but was unable to get in “due to God telling him (Kachuroi) was a bad person to hang out with,” police said.

He also told investigators that he decided not to enter the home because he could hear children’s voices, and he didn’t want to scare a child, according to police.

Investigators said George admitted to taking “molly” – another name for ecstasy – that night, which is what George blamed for his “bad choices.” Both George and Kachuroi were arrested following the incident.

George faces two counts of burglary and is held on bond of $20,000. Kachuroi faces charges of principal to a burglary and a drug offense, and she is held on bond of $5,000.

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