‘Unjustified shooting:’ Marion County sheriff speaks out about arrest in Ocala mom’s death

Before alerting the community, the sheriff’s first call went to Owens’ family

MARION COUNTY, Fla. – Marion County Sheriff Billy Woods said the evidence proves that Susan Louise Lorincz was not standing her ground.

“If she gets any attorneys, I don’t care what that attorney says, I don’t care what that attorney presents to the court, for me and my detectives, this was an unjustified shooting, clear,” Woods said.

After days of investigating, and a family and community calling for justice, Woods said his detectives have the evidence to arrest 58-year-old Lorincz for shooting through the door of her home and killing Ajike Owens.

Before alerting the community, the sheriff’s first call went to Owens’ family.

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“Their reaction was what you would expect of individuals that were seeking justice; the relief that I could hear in their voice,” Woods said.

Deputies said the shooting was the end result of a long-standing feud between Lorincz and Owens.

A feud that escalated over the weekend, after deputies said Lorincz took an iPad or tablet from Owens’ kids, and when they went to get it back, investigators said Lorincz threw skates at them, hitting one of the children.

That’s when deputies said Owens went over to confront Lorincz, and Lorincz claimed self-defense and said Owens was banging down her door.

A newly released incident reports show Marion County deputies were called a dozen times to an Ocala neighborhood before the mother of four was shot and killed by Lorincz.

Woods told News 6, in their interview with Lorincz it brought up the issue of stand your ground, something he said is not applicable in this case.

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