How to navigate traffic after the launch of Artemis I rocket Wednesday in Brevard County

Traffic plans released for Artemis launch day

The Space Launch Systems rocket sits on the launch pad at Kennedy Space Center. (NASA)

KENNEDY SPACE CENTER, Fla. – Brevard County and the city of Titusville is planning for major congestion in and around Kennedy Space Center Wednesday because of the Artemis I launch.

The first moon mission for the Artemis program has a targeted launch day of Wednesday, Nov. 16, with a two-hour window that opens at 1:04 a.m.

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Once the rocket launches, law enforcement and transportation officials will implement a plan to move traffic smoothly out of the northern part of the county.

In the Titusville area, all drivers north of Harrison Street will be routed northbound out of the city to State Road 46 along North Washington Avenue.

City of Titusville Artemis traffic map. (City of Titusville)

Vehicles south of Harrison will be routed southbound to Cheney Highway. This includes any drivers along U.S. Highway 1 (North Washington Avenue). Those drivers will then be able to travel west on State Road 46 or Cheney Highway.

City of Titusville Artemis traffic map. (City of Titusville)

Titusville police said the Max Brewer Bridge, an area that’s a popular launch viewing spot, will be closed for an hour after the launch for pedestrian traffic.

Anyone leaving the bridge or on Garden Street will be routed west out of the city.

You can see all of the maps by going to the city of Titusville website.

When the launch happens, News 6 will stream it live.

Titusville Artemis traffic map. (City of Titusville)

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